Kirklees UNISON is the local branch of UNISON. We are committed to the principles of solidarity, unity and progress. There is no room for division in our movement. Our strength comes from our belief that only by acting together can ordinary working people organise for their mutual benefit. Individually we beg, together we negotiate. The 11,000 plus members in Kirklees UNISON seek to act for the improvement of our life and our defence against those who would reduce it.

Children's Social Work Team Staff Strike

Images from the Children's Social Work Team Staff Strike 5/6 July 2017

Children's Social Work Strike 2017

Children's Social Work Strike 2017

Children's Social Work Strike 2017


Branch news

Self Organised Groups - Regular meeting dates

Kirklees UNISON’s Self Organised Groups are held monthly, as follows:

First Wednesday of each month 1-2pm

Last Monday of each month 4-5pm

First Wednesday of each month 4-5pm

Third Wednesday of each month 4-5pm

All the meetings are in the Kirklees UNISON Branch Office at 4 New North Parade, Huddersfield, HD1 5JP. For more information please telephone Sabahat Rafiq, Equalities Officer at the Branch Office on 01484 511826


Presentation - for their work with 'With Banners Held High'

Granville Williams and Sue Williams being presented with Kirklees UNISON commemorative plates at the last Branch Committee meeting for their work with ‘With Banners Held High’.


Branch Officer Vacancies 2017/18

Vacancies exist in the branch for the following Branch Officer positions:

  • Membership Services’ Officer
  • Sports Officer
  • Vice-Chairperson
  • Young Members' Officer
  • Assistant Treasurer
  • Social Officer

Nomination forms for the above positions can be obtained from the UNISON Branch Office and must be proposed and seconded by existing, full members of Kirklees UNISON.

The branch are very keen to have these positions filled and would encourage nominations.  Anyone with a query about the roles should contact the Kirklees UNISON Branch Office.


UNISON Educational Grants 2017


UNISON offers the following grants to members studying during 2017 at their own expense.

  • Learning Support Grants of £70 for members on further education courses or first degree level courses.
  • Open University grants of £120 for 60 point courses at first degree level with the Open University or £60 for 30 point courses.

Grants are offered on a first-come first-served basis until funding is spent.  If you are interested in applying then please contact Michael Pogson, Lifelong Learning Co-ordinator, via the UNISON Branch office, on 01484 511826 for a grant application form.


UNISON Bursaries for Activists 2017


UNISON offers grants to help members who wish to study Trade Union and Labour Movement and Women’s Studies Courses.  The grants available to members studying out of their own expense are:

  • Certificate or Diploma Grants of up to £300 for members on Trade Union and Labour Movement or Women’s Studies courses.
  • BA grants of up to £500 for members on Trade Union and Labour Movement or Women’s Studies courses.
  • Master’s Degree Grants of up to one-third of fees for Union representatives studying Trade Union and Labour Movement or Women’s Studies.

If you are already studying or planning to study any of the above courses in 2017 then please contact Michael Pogson Lifelong Learning Co-Ordinator via the Branch Office on 01484 511286 for a grant application form. 


Kirklees College refuses to implement pay offer

Kirklees UNISON members at Kirklees College voted overwhelmingly to reject this year’s FE (Further Education) College’s national pay offer of 1% or £250 whichever was the greater.

However, nationally across England, UNISON members in FE Colleges voted to accept the pay offer by 70% to 30%. Kirklees College has now informed Kirklees UNISON they “are not in a position to offer a pay award for 2016/17 at this time”.

Kirklees UNISON representatives will be arranging meetings with its members at Kirklees College to discuss the situation. The College had not, previously, given any indication during the national pay negotiations that they did not intend to honour the national pay award.

(UNISON FE members in Scotland had been offered a 2016/17 pay offer of £230 a year – just more than half of the £450 per year which was offered to FE teachers in Scotland. Following a ‘months-long’ campaign, including strike days and action short of strike action, UNISON members in Scotland’s FE Colleges have been offered a pay rise of £450 per year, the same as teaching staff, with an additional consolidation of a £100 payment from 1st April 2017.)

Kirklees Learning Group – Help with Maths and English

Kirklees Learning Group is a partnership between Kirklees Council and the Joint Trade Unions (UNISON, Unite and the GMB) with the aim of improving the literacy and maths skills of Kirklees employees.

Through the Learning Group we are able to offer courses up to level 2 (GCSE / O Level equivalent) in both Maths and English functional skills. The courses are delivered by Kirklees College at both Dewsbury and Huddersfield sites and usually run for a period of 15 weeks. These courses are free and, in most instances, Kirklees employees will be able to attend these courses in work’s time. If you are interested in improving your Maths and English skills, then please contact Michael Pogson (Lifelong Learning Co-ordinator) via the Branch Office on 01484 511826.


Dave Ellis (1947 – 2016)

In memory of DAVE ELLIS (1947 - 2016)

Kirklees UNISON Branch Vice-Chair and Chief Steward, Kirklees College

A Huddersfield giant - in stature, principles and ideals. 

A Yorkshire socialist and internationalist.

Revered by all at Kirklees UNISON.

Nick Ruff             Paul Holmes
Branch Chair        Branch Secretary

You can watch a video of friends gathering to say farewell to Dave Ellis at his funeral on Monday 25th July here.


Self Organised Groups in Kirklees UNISON

UNISON is looking to promote two more self-organised groups within our Kirklees Branch. 

They are Disability and Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender Groups.  (The branch already has functioning Black Members’ and Women’s Groups.) 

We are hoping to get these groups ‘up and running’.  These groups are there to support people who have issues within their workplace and also for networking. The benefits are very rewarding so join up now.

Contact Orvil Smith or Sabahat Rafiq (Equalities Officer - job share) on 01484 511826 for further details and information.


1984/5 Miners' Strike Commemorative Plate – Get yours

Miners strike plateThis Branch has a commemorative plate to recognise the miners who were on strike during the 1984/5 Miners’ Strike.

The plate (priced £20) can be bought by any Kirklees UNISON member. On the back of the plate you can have a 'personalised' inscription of two lines. Or you can have no inscription on the back at all.

To obtain a plate (priced £20) please contact the branch office on
01484 511826.


Special offers and events for UNISON members

Discounted Car Insurance for UNISON members

Discounted car insurance for UNISON members is available from LV (Liverpool Victoria) Insurance. Last year 10% of new UNISON customers at LV paid £186 per annum or less for their car insurance.

Breakdown cover is also available to UNISON members for £72 per annum.

Telephone 0800 756 8154 (car insurance) or 0800 756 8692 (breakdown cover) for a quotation. (Textphone 18001)

(Motorbike Insurance, Classic Car insurance and Caravan insurance – 0800 032 0535)


Free table tennis and badminton

All Kirklees UNISON members are reminded that there are free Badminton and Table Tennis facilities for Kirklees UNISON Members at Huddersfield Leisure Centre, Springwood, Huddersfield between 12 noon and 1.00pm on Wednesdays.  Rackets/bats etc can be provided.  Please contact Leslie Bhola (01484 – 221000) if you require further details or merely turn up on the day.


Croyde Bay discount

UNISON’s own holiday centre at Croyde Bay, North Devon has now got a 50% low-paid members’ discount available for its chalets and hotel (subject to availability).

If the total household income for a household for a single person/couple is less than £18,000 per annum (before deductions) or, for a family living in the same property, is less than £28,000 per annum, then you will be able to get a 50% discount.  (This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.  Evidence of income must be provided to confirm eligibility).

To find out more telephone - 01271-890-890 or go to www.croydeunison.co.uk.


Vauxhall: Discounts for Kirklees UNISON Members


0% APR representative/flexible finance, plus Vauxhall lifetime warranty (100,000 miles).

Also discounts on Vauxhall insurance and genuine Vauxhall accessories.

All these offers are available for all eligible family members too!

Please contact the Branch Office on 01484 511826 for details.


Kirklees UNISON Marching Banner

Branch Banner

UNISON Welfare

UNISON Welfare is UNISON's registered charity. We are a unique confidential service offering advice and support just for UNISON members and their families:welfare gif

  • Debt advice
  • Listening and support
  • Financial assistance
  • Breaks and holidays
  • Personal advice

Find out more here...


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